RNLB HERBERT JOHN, formerly the Cloughey Co-Down lifeboat 1939 / 1952 and later Youghal, S Ireland 1952 / 1966.

RNLB Herbert John

Single engine Liverpool class lifeboat restored to as near original condition as possible by us, using original plans and RNLI equipment sourced as being from this boat when converted to private use.

  • Powered by Ford D series 4 cylinder diesel engine
  • Original masts complemented by a recent sailing rig.
  • A boat for the real enthusiast.
  • As there are already boats from the same class being used for commercial boat trips, this vessel could easily be licenced for this.

video of her launch after restoration here  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X18bGLSlRnk

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Nelsons Boats specialise in the sale of historic lifeboats. Historic Lifeboats are the preferred term but are commonly referred to as ex-lifeboats, former lifeboats, old RNLI lifeboats, ex-RNLI lifeboats and many combinations. They all mean the same thing a former RNLI Lifeboat now out of service and sold into private hands. We specialise in ex-RNLI lifeboat sales. Contact Quinton on any aspect of former RNLI Lifeboats.