RNLB St Andrew Civil Service No 10

The St Andrew lifeboat built 1951 for the Whitehills, Scotland station.
41 foot Watson class with alloy superstructure.

RNLB St Andrew – Specification

Twin Ford ā€œDā€ series marine engines known as Parsons Porbeagles, 50 hp each. The vessel in the original layout internally and externally.

  • The only lifeboat of this class in original, seaworthy condition.
  • The owner retiring and wants to find the vessel a good home.
  • Viewing recommended
  • Asking price negotiable.


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Nelsons Boats specialise in the sale of historic lifeboats. Historic Lifeboats are the preferred term but are commonly referred to as ex-lifeboats, former lifeboats, old RNLI lifeboats, ex-RNLI lifeboats and many combinations. They all mean the same thing a former RNLI Lifeboat now out of service and sold into private hands. We specialise in ex-RNLI lifeboat sales. Contact Quinton on any aspect of former RNLI Lifeboats. RNLB St Andrew is one of these vessels