Robert Edgar

Robert Edgar 52-18, formerly the St MARYS Isles of SCILLY LIFEBOAT 1981 1997, SOLD 2002. to current owner in New Zealand where it is offered for sale.

Owners furnished details.
52–18 was first delivered in 1981 to St Mary’s RNLI Station in the Scilly Isles – Islands approximately 28 miles West of Cornwall in England and in the North Atlantic Ocean.
It served St. Mary’s until 1999 when it was withdrawn from service and underwent the full and very extensive ‘3 year’ refit by the RNLI which effectively renewed the boat. At that time, both engines and gearboxes were removed and reconditioned along with all mechanical componentry and operating systems. Electronics were upgraded to the then latest specifications.
52-18 then went to serve Weymouth on the South Coast of England until 2003.

The present Owner purchased 52-18 direct from the RNLI in 2003 and when it had completed only 230 hours since the abovementioned 1999 refit. The boat was delivered to New Zealand as deck cargo on P & O Nedlloyd in 2003. 52-18 is the only Arun Class Lifeboat in New Zealand.

To date, 52-18 had competed a total of just over 300 hours since the 1999 RNLI refit.

Operating Manuals, Instruction Manuals, Standard Operating Procedures, Maintenance Manuals and a set of A1 size manufacturers construction drawings including boat wiring diagrams – are available for all boat systems and electronics.

Since acquiring 52-18, the owner has fitted a sea toilet, sink unit with hot and cold water, an engine heated colorifier, fresh water tanks, a Simrad Autopilot and interconnected Simrad Chart Plotter fitted with bridge repeaters and the Icom Single Sideband Radio.

Aruns have massively constructed glass fibre hulls with aluminium structures. The hull is divided into 26 watertight compartments. There are 7 separate watertight personnel spaces. Void spaces are filled with buoyant materials, giving reserve buoyancy if the boat is holed.

There are two survivor’s cabins below deck containing rescue equipment including first aid gear, stretchers, and blankets. An inflatable 3 metre Y boat is carried for inshore work. A 6 man liferaft and lifejackets are carried at all times.

Powerful twin CAT diesel engines provide the propulsion through 4 bladed counter rotating propellers. 52-18 has substantial towing capabilities. The Skipper/Helmsman can steer from inside the wheelhouse or from a flying bridge on top of the superstructure. Intercom links the flying bridge, wheelhouse and deck.

52-18 is fitted with a new Icom SSB radio and 2 – Sailor VHF radios, Decca Radar, ADDF, Simrad Auto Pilot, GPS, Simrad Chart Plotter and Depth Sounders and all other navigational equipment standard for Arun Class lifeboats when in service with the RNLI.

Aruns carry First Aid equipment, fixed and mobile fire fighting equipment and a lightweight portable diesel salvage pump in a watertight transfer container. A comprehensive engine driven bilge pump system can pump out each bilge and/or watertight compartments and a fixed Gilkes General Service Fire pump is geared to the port engine for external fire fighting. Fire fighting hoses and nozzles are provided

Inside the wheelhouse there is a heavy duty sprung seat with safety belts and arm rests for the Helmsman and Radar Operator and a heavy duty swivel seat with armrests and safety belts for the Navigator, Radio Operator, Mechanic and Crew Members. The radar scanner has been made watertight so that it will continue to work after the lifeboat has self righted via mercury switches.

52-18 has been certified to be in Survey to New Zealand’s Safe Ship Management. This annual certification has now expired but can be reinstated if required.

The boat is presently equipped to the same fully operational level as when it was in service with the RNLI. All systems are fully functional.

Boat Specifications;

Length – 52 ft (15.9/rn)

Breadth – 17 ft (5.2 m)

Displacement – 34 tons

Load draught aft – 5 ft (1.5 m)

Load draught forward – 3 ft 9 in (1.1 m)

Engines – 2 x Caterpillar 3408TA Turbocharged Intercooled Vee 8 Diesel – 18 litres – 485 Shp @ 2100 rpm.

Fuel Capacity – 2800 litres.

Max Specification Speed 18 knots

Range at full speed 250 nm