RNLB Guy and Clare Hunter (A Partnership Card)


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A Pack of 10 cards (A5 Size). Ex RNLB Guy and Clare Hunter the former Isles of Scilly lifeboat is seen here entering Fowey harbour
© G Burns.

A Partnership card is one that is not immediately available. Please read the description below of how Partnership Cards work and the benefits of being a partnership customer.


   Partnership cards are supplied in packs of 10. Each card is individually wrapped with an envelope in a cellophane wrapper.  As soon as we receive a minimum of 10 orders we will order a print run. You can see how many orders we have received so far just below the price.

You can CANCEL YOUR ORDER and obtain a FULL REFUND at any time prior to us going to print simply by sending us an email.

As soon as we reach the minimum print run we will order and ship the partnership orders first.  The card will then become available to all who visit the site at the normal price.

So order now and we will keep you up to date with orders and let you know as soon as we go to print.  We expect that any “Partnership Card” to succeed and be printed within 4 weeks .

2 items sold
We need to reach 10 (or very close) orders to go to print.

About Partnership Cards:
   The economics of printing a card, along with the shipping costs requires a minimum print run and investment from us resulting in higher prices for our customers. Our solution is to enter into a “Partnership” with users who submit images. We will take the risk and make the investment in a print run and in return, any orders (orders paid in advance but fully refundable up to print run) for a partnership card will receive their order at a substantial discount. ( £1.00 per card including free shipping).
Submit your own Partnership Card
   Creating your own partnership card.

If you would like to submit your own image as a partnership card please complete this form. It only takes a moment. Users can submit their own images. (obviously, user-submitted images must have the copyright owners permission) If it is your own image all is OK.
If you purchase a Partnership Card it is provisional order which you can cancel for a full refund at any time prior to us reaching the minimum order level and ordering a Print run. After that orders can not be cancelled. The submitter of any partnership card will also be given a Coupon allowing them to purchase any of the cards on the site at any time for a substantial discount.