Boat delivery Ireland

Quinton and his crew will deliver well-found boats to and from Ireland from throughout the UK by sea. Following a  marine survey of such a specialised vessel such as a Historic lifeboat, we will often be asked for advice on moving the vessel as the sea journey is too long or there are time constraints.

Nelson’s Boats UK Delivery Service.

Quinton served with the R.N.L.I. as a crew member for 18 years, standing down while holding the post of second or deputy coxswain some years ago.

A handpicked and carefully selected crew is assembled for each job in full consultation with the owner. All craft and passages must be fully insured and with a carefully planned passage and implementation documented prior to departure.

He has sailed extensively around the coasts of Britain and Ireland, on lifeboats, fishing trawlers and private yachts both in command during deliveries and as crew.

We also provide competent crews for boat delivery throughout the U.K. and Ireland by sea or by road transport.

Delivery by Road

Can be arranged.

Herbert John was transported by road to Falmouth from Donaghadee following restoration.

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