Historic Lifeboats Brokerage List

Historic Lifeboats Brokerage List

This is our current listing of Historic Lifeboats. Often referred to by a mixture of names such as “ex RNLI lifeboats” “old RNLI Lifeboats” “Ex lifeboats” “retired lifeboats”  even just “old lifeboats”.  We regard any former RNLI lifeboat as an historic lifeboat.  They all have a rich heritage and history in saving lives.

RNLB Edian Courtauld RNLB Edian Courtauld Formerly the Walton & Frinton lifeboat, 46.9ft Watson class.  Now converted to a motor yacht with . . . Read more

RNLB Edian Courtauld – Historic Lifeboat for Sale

RNLB HERBERT JOHN RNLB HERBERT JOHN, formerly the Cloughey Co-Down lifeboat 1939 / 1952 and later Youghal, S Ireland 1952 / 1966. . . . Read more

RNLB HERBERT JOHN – Historic Lifeboat – SOLD 09 21

Mary Gabriel Mary Gabriel, Rother class lifeboat 37ft. coded for tripping. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMARY GABRIEL   Mary Gabriel 37-29 ON1000 is the . . . Read more

MARY GABRIEL – Historic Lifeboat for Sale

Lady MacRobert Mk2 Solent Class Lifeboat She is a MK2 Solent Class Lifeboat built-in 1972 for the RNLI as ON1019, 48-014 and . . . Read more

Lady MacRobert Mk2 Solent Class Lifeboat – Historic Lifeboat for sale

Solent Class Lifeboat for sale Solent Class Lifeboat, ON1013, 48-010, “The Royal British Legion Jubilee”, specifications for sale. ON1013 is a Mk1 . . . Read more

Solent Class Lifeboat for sale – The Royal British Legion Jubilee A Historic Lifeboat

RNLB St Andrew Civil Service No 10 St AndrewSt AndrewSt Andrew The St Andrew lifeboat built 1951 for the Whitehills, Scotland station. . . . Read more

RNLB St Andrew – Historic Lifeboat Civil Service No 10 For Sale

The Richard Vernon 46’9” Watson class Lifeboat, ON 931 Served at Angle and Wicklow 1957 to 1988 Built 1956 by J Samuel . . . Read more

SOLD – The Richard Vernon and Mary Garforth of Leeds

Frederick and Emma, a 45 ft Watson motor sailing lifeboat built for Wick in Scotland 1921 Also served at Amble, Northumberland to . . . Read more


ARUN, The prototype of this famous class of lifeboat. Built 1971, cold molded timber and epoxy construction hull, alloy superstructure. Radar, GPS, . . . Read more

SOLD – Arun

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SOLD – RNLB Sarah Jane and James Season

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Historic Lifeboats Brokerage List -Nelsons Boats specialise in the sale of historic lifeboats. Historic Lifeboats are the preferred term but are commonly referred to as ex-lifeboats, former lifeboats, old RNLI lifeboats, ex-RNLI lifeboats and many other combinations.  They all mean the same thing a former RNLI Lifeboat now out of service and sold into private hands.  We specialise in ex-RNLI lifeboat sales.  Contact Quinton to discuss any boat you see on our Historic lifeboats brokerage list.

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