RNLB JOHN RUSSELL formerly the Montrose and Frazerburgh lifeboat 1926
She was named John Russell in 1926 by the Duchess of York and King George.

She was built in Cowes by H Saunders, she served her time in Scotland and saved 305 souls.

She is up and running, sea worthy fully off grid, an excellent house boat and live aboard.

Her hull is double diagonal and made out of honduras mahogany and in excellent condition.

She is a single screw with a gardener 4 cylinder engine.

She has a gas boiler, shower, hot water, 24v solar for the engine start batteries and 12v solar for the leisure batteries, hydrolic steering, 2x bilge pumps and 1x manual bilge pump, fridge freezer, 230v generator, garmin navigation, cctv, internet, air compressor and whistle and a wood burner.

Parts of the decking needs to be replaced.

Various woodwork needs to be replaced and repaired and she needs painting.