Classic Boat Restoration
Classic Boat restoration

Classic boat restoration and repairs.

Quinton specialises in restorations and repairs on classic wooden lifeboats and other interesting vessels. Interest in saving these historic vessels is growing.  With the local boatyard in every fishing village or seaside town fast becoming a thing of the past and finding somewhere to have specialised woodwork done is becoming difficult. Quinton’s facility near Donaghadee in Northern Ireland allows for classic boat restoration work on both large and small vessels.

The National Historic Ships Register are allocating grant aid, a small amount, towards classic boat restoration of historic vessels Owners may qualify, check here: click here



In the facility at present are 5 former historic RNLI lifeboats.

    • List item
    • 2 Oakley class.
    • “Calouste Gulbenkian” ex Weston-Super-Mare and relief,
    • “The Doctors” ex Anstruther.
    • A twin engined 1949 Liverpool class  “Aguila Wren” in final stages of restoration to original appearance for  owner Tim Kirton
    • Watson single engined 1929 boat “GW” under full restoration for owner in USA.
    • Rother class “Davys Family” awaiting restoration.


Recently, 2 Rothers “Harold Salvesen” and “Silver Jubilee” both had refits and a fresh coat of paint before going to new owners, “Harold Salvesen” to John and Linda Payne at Aberystwyth and “Silver Jubilee” to Michael Ankuda in Hastings, New York.

The Single engined Liverpool “Herbert John” 1939 boat was recently completed and delivered to the owner in Cornwall. See the video of this historic lifeboat fully restored being launched in Falmouth after its journey by road from Donaghadee.

Quinton is happy to advise owners or prospective owners of historic lifeboats on the way forward should they be contemplating restorations or refits.

This may well require a Marine Survey to fully determine to the condition of the vessel. This can be carried out “in house” or by a third party.

Quinton’s classic boat repairs and restoration service and his location in Donaghadee means that he has considerable experience in boat delivery and transportation.