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RNLB Herbert John

Professional Marine Surveyor – Valuations

Nelsons Boats owned and operated by Quinton Nelson, is based in Northern Ireland at the historic seaside town of Donaghadee.

Having been involved for a lifetime in the operation, maintenance, building and repairing of wooden fishing and passenger vessels, the experience gained has now been channelled into providing marine surveys on classic, wooden vessels as well as those of modern GRP or metal construction.  He is an experienced and fully insured Marine Surveyor.

We specialise among others, in the former lifeboats of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, RNLI. These are complex vessels both in their construction and outfitting and require intimate knowledge, only gained from years as a crewman onboard them and working on their maintenance and later restorations, in order to produce an accurate assessment.

We also survey fishing vessels, yachts, motorboats of all types and constructed in all materials.

Quinton is available to travel throughout the UK and Ireland to work as a marine surveyor carrying out detailed surveys on any type of vessel pleasure or commercial and carries full PI insurance for this work.

  • Pre-purchase survey for the potential buyer.
  • Compulsory insurance survey for ageing vessels of any material.
  • Initial damage reports prior to any repairs being carried out.
  • Running survey on vessels undergoing a major refit.
  • Surveys have been carried out on ex lifeboats, fishing boats and private yachts or motorboats, all over the country from Stornoway to Titchmarsh, Falmouth to Norfolk, throughout Ireland and Isle of Man.
  • Fishing vessel surveys carried out for discerning fishermen, quickly and efficiently, many at the request of their bankers including:
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Ulster Bank
  • Northern Bank
  • Bank of Ireland

Boat Surveys come in a number of general categories and most appear to many boat owners as a minefield of technical jargon. Our surveys keep the owner or potential owner informed at all times, in a language they can understand.

Marine surveys Northern Ireland
Histor Lifeboats at Rally

Marine Surveyor: Full survey prior to purchase of vessel.

The pre-purchase survey involves a close inspection of the vessel structural condition externally and internally where outfitting permits, a general inspection of the machinery including a sea trial if afloat, all ancillary wiring and plumbing.

GRP vessels tested for hull moisture retention (Osmosis). General outfitting, fixtures and fittings, electronics, spars and rigging.

A sea trial is preferable if at all possible, to determine the condition of machinery and underwater running gear.

This survey for a potential new owner will also satisfy potential insurers of the vessel.

Marine Surveyor:  Valuation Survey

A valuation survey would be carried out on behalf of a current owner in order to determine the value of the vessel for insurance purposes. This would also be the case in the event of a vessel that is to be offered for sale, where the vendor would like to determine a valuation.

It is however not recommended that the vendor should offer any survey to a possible purchaser as proof of the vessels condition.

The purchaser should always commission his own survey at the time of purchase.

Marine Surveyor: Consulting on Refits and Restorations.

In the event of a complete restoration or rebuild of a vessel, it is advisable for the owner to seek advice, prior to starting the work and periodically while work progresses.

This allows structural and possible safety issues to be addressed during reconstruction.

Marine Surveyor Northern Ireland: Damage and Salvage.

This is every boat owners nightmare

In the event of the vessel suffering damage, It is necessary to determine as quickly as possible the best way of limiting the damage, both to the owner’s vessel and any others involved, regardless of who is at fault.

Temporary repairs may be necessary to protect the vessel and equipment, this may require removal from the water to a safe location pending permanent repairs.

If the vessel has broken from moorings and damaged any others, damage limitation becomes an issue.

If the vessel has gone down, salvage may be a priority. We have access to a salvage team

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